23 Feb 2019 
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 Resolving Drive Failures and Timeouts

If your Aberdeen AberNAS or Storage Server is experiencing an unusual number of drive failures and timeouts, it is imperative to check each drive for its firmware revision. Most of the time, updating drives to the latest firmware release will resolve these types of issues. Drive firmware can be checked using the Areca RAID BIOS utility or Integrated Web-based Management GUI. Below is a list of the most common drives used in Aberdeen AberNAS and Storage Servers and the firmware that should be in place:

- Seagate 1TB (ST31000340NS): Frimware Rev# SN06

- Hitachi 2TB (HUA722020ALA330):  Firmware Rev# JK07B3EA

- Western Digital 2TB (WD2002FYPS):  Firmware Rev# 0405G05

In the event that your drives are out of date, all drives can be updated simultaneously by downloading drive firmware update packages from our downloads area. Once the drives have been updated, a restart will be required to put the changes into effect. Be sure to read drive firmware update instructions and warnings included in each download package. We recommend having a full backup in place before proceeding with these types of hardware updates.

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