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 How to Install Areca RAID Controller drivers on VMware VSphere ESX 4.x

Installation for VMware ESX 4.X on Areca RAID volume(s):
 Download VMware drivers (http://support.aberdeeninc.com/index.php?_m=downloads&_a=viewdownload&downloaditemid=5&nav=0,2,13,14,15) and burn it to a CD.

2) During ESX installation, select Add in the Custom Drivers menu, insert the device driver CD, and click OK.

3) Browse for the driver to install and click OK.

4) When prompted, replace the driver CD with the ESX 4.X CD, and then click Next.

5) Continue the ESX 4.X installation.

6) When finished, reboot the server.

Installation for Areca RAID volume(s) as data storage:
1) Power on ESX4.0 server.

2) Mount the driver ISO into the local director,
#@$ mkdir /ISO
#@$ mount /dev/cdrom /ISO

3) Use the following command to install the driver:
#@$ esxupdate update --bundle=/ISO/offline-bundle/ARC-arcmsr- --maintenancemode

4) Run the following commands:
List the driver package details and verify the new driver installed:
#@$ esxupdate query --vib-view
List the vmkernel modules:
#@$ vmkload_mod -l grep arcmsr
Verify that the OS recognizes Areca RAID controller:
#@$ esxcfg-scsidevs -a 

5) Reboot ESX 4.X server.

Notice: VMware officially does not support async drivers' device to be the ESXi 4.x system disks. Consequently, Areca RAID volumes can only be the data storages on ESXi 4.x.

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